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Film Schedule   

Thursday April 9, 2015
Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave 7:00pm $15

Diary of a Lost Girl 1929
Director: G. W. Pabst
Louise Brooks, André Roanne, Fritz Rasp
A luminous Louise Brooks presents a striking performance as Thymian; a young innocent woman betrayed by society’s hypocrisy, her family and the men and women she encounters. Rejected after giving birth to an illegitimate child, she is sent to a sadistic reform school under the perverted eye of the headmistress, eventually escaping to find a safer refuge in a high class brothel.  Like Pandora’s Box, the director and star’s previous collaboration together, this film was viscously attacked in the press and by censors. Diary of a Lost Girl was never released in North America.
Louise Brooks Society:
Celebrating the 100 th Anniversary of Technicolor Pt 1

Guest Accompanist: Bill O’Meara

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Friday April 10, 2015
Carlton Cinema*, 20 Carlton St 7:30pm $15

The Mary Pickford   Foundation Presents:
Mistress Nell 1915
Director: James Kirkwood
Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Arthur Hoops, Ruby Hoffman
The Mary Pickford Foundation in partnership with the Toronto Silent Film Festival is proud to present the 100 th anniversary screening of this rare Pickford historical adventure.  Mary plays a cheeky, flirty Nell Gwyn, the famous thespian and mistress to King Charles II, in this period costume romp dripping with political intrigue and false identities.  
Mary Pickford Foundation:
Preview ;

Plus: Rare Toronto newsreel footage of Mary Pickford and husband Douglas Fairbanks trip to Toronto March 23, 1924
Celebrating the 100 th
Anniversary of Technicolor Pt 2
Sincere thanks to: The Mary Pickford Foundation & MoMA for the film Mistress Nell & newsreel footage
Guest Accompanist: Jordan Klapman
Post Screening Reception ~9pm-10pm
Please join us in the lobby in celebration of the Mary Pickford film legacy  

*this cinema is licenced to sell alcohol



Saturday April 11, 2015
Royal Cinema, 608 College St 1pm $8.00

From New York City, noted film historian, silent film composer and accompanist Ben Model, will lead the audience on a journey in:
Undercranking: The Magic Behind the Slapstick
"Silent films aren't just silent…they're a little faster, and they're SUPPOSED to be that way. In this hour long original, fascinating and revealing  lecture/presentation, silent film historian Ben Model explains how and why comedians like Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd and others utilized the speed-up of silent film  through "undercranking" to create gags and character business that could only exist in that universe." –Ben Model
Many comedians creatively used the early film technique of hand-cranking while filming and projecting to manipulate the frames per second (fps) to speed action up or slow it down. By controlling time they would create illusions of certain movements through "sleight of eye"; a technique that was lost in the sound era when a fixed rate film speed of 24fps was imposed.
Royal Cinema, 608 College St 1pm $8 (lecture/presentation) or $20 for lecture/feature film-$15 for Senior/Student)

Photo - Harold Lloyd Trust
Royal Cinema, College St 2:45pm $15.00
Safety Last!  1923
Directors: Fred C Newmeyer & Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Bill Strother, Noah Young
70 min
No one epitomized the get up and go attitude of the Roaring Twenties more than Harold Lloyd. Looking like the boy next door, his series of highly inventive and successful comedies often fused thrills with laughter. Safety Last! contains the image of what he has become best known for: the man hanging from a clock high above a busy street.
Harold plays a small town boy who goes to the big city in order to make good so he can marry his sweetheart. He finds the city hard to crack and ends up embellishing his success in his letters back home. He dreams up a publicity stunt to draw crowds to the store he works for and win some big money but things start to rapidly unravel when he is forced to perform the stunt of climbing up the side of a building. Every floor up presents new challenges to overcome; every floor up escalating the gasp inducing thrills for audiences until finally he arrives at the big clock. Will Harold complete his mission and win the love of his girl or has he run out of time!
Print courtesy of The Harold Lloyd Foundation
Guest Accompanist: Ben Model
Royal Cinema, College St 2:30pm $15 ($10 student/senior/child) (or $20 for lecture & film -$15 Senior/student)
Ticket Holders Please NOTE:
Start time for SAFeTY LAST Has changed to 2:45 pm


Sunday April 12, 2015
Fox Theatre*, 2236 Queen St E 4pm $15 ($10 senior/student/child)

photo - Undercrank Productions
1000 Laffs: Risk & Risqué
Fan favourites and rarities are back to deliver more thrills and more hilarity.  We’re keeping the titles hush-hush but it’s no secret that you’ll be laughing in the aisles. Be the first to re-discover Marcel Perez!
Guest Accompanist: Ben Model
Fox Theatre*, 2236 Queen St E 4pm $15 ($10 senior/student/child)
*cinema is licenced to sell alcohol


Monday April 13, 2015
Casa Loma*, 1 Austin Terrace 8pm
$20 (individual tickets available only through TTOS)

The Toronto Theatre Organ Society presents:
The Penalty 1920
Director: Wallace Worsley
Lon Chaney, Doris Pawn, Jim Mason
Lon Chaney’s prime talent lay in channelling his powerful character studies through his inventive, sometimes horrific make-up techniques and physical dexterity. In The Penalty he portrays Blizzard, a Barbary Coast crime boss plotting to take over the city and exact revenge for the unnecessary loss of his legs as a child. Chaney designed the apparatus of straps and stumps to secure his lower legs behind his thighs in order to create the illusion of having no lower legs. Though Blizzard is cruel and ruthless, Chaney manages to create a compelling complex man caught in the twisted maelstrom of his own making.
Celebrating the 100 th Anniversary Technicolor Pt 4
World Premiere Score: Clark Wilson on the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

*coffee/tea/alcohol available for purchase


Tuesday April 14, 2015
Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave 7:00pm $15.00

Blind Husbands 1919
Director: Eric Von Stroheim
Eric von Stroheim, Francelia Billington, Gibson Gowland
Few directors have such a mystique surrounding them as Eric von Stroheim. Although never giving up acting, his debut as a director with this film allowed him to join the ranks of those who would define film as an artistic pursuit. Stroheim concentrated on the ragged underside of the human relationship with his deeply flawed characters pursuing life through a world of moral depravity.  This film was so successful commercially and critically that it shot von Stroheim to into the spotlight and with it the fascinating body of work which followed.
Rich in detail with a decidedly European "feel" to the film, von Stroheim plays an Austrian officer who meets a vacationing American doctor and his neglected wife in the Austrian Alps. Although loving her husband, the wife’s resolve slowly crumbles under the predator’s constant sexual attentions. Not content with just a story of right and wrong, Stroheim deliberately created the layering of moral ambiguity we have come to expect in his later work.
Plus: The Best of TUFF 2014 Five award winning one-minute silent shorts from the Toronto Urban Film Festival, up on the big screen with live original scores.
Celebrating the 100 th Anniversary of Technicolor Pt 5
Guest accompanist: LAURA SILBERBERG

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