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“One of the city’s most essential events” –Scene Creek

RIP David Shepard 1940-2017
Silent films are not just sound films without the talking. They reach us through the poetry of motion, of metaphor, of meaning expressed through visual subtlety and magnification of detail. Although there were successful silent-era film experiments in 3-D, wide screen, color and sound, early film artists learned to convey ideas and emotions through inference and suggestion with tremendous emotional impact and in ways which sound would render unnecessary at best; obvious or clumsy at worst.

As you will see, the innovators and masters of this art raised visual storytelling to a level that remains valid, moving, and even awe-inspiring in the 21st century. One would not pity Scarlatti who composed without benefit of the modern piano, or Mozart who never had the resources of the modern symphony orchestra; similarly, the brains and sensibilities behind these silent films understood the potency they could achieve with what they had - moving pictures.

Treat their work with kindness and respect and it will reward you by casting its own magic spell."-David Shepard for The Australian Silent Film Festival programme notes

Dawson  City: Frozen Time
Coming to  Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
July  21st-27th
Directed by  Bill Morrison
It's the place where Charlie Chaplin became a movie legend, Donald Trump's family made its fortune and Jack London heard the 'call of the wild.' Dawson City, Yukon, is one of Canada's most storied communities—a place whose colourful history and stunning landscapes are shrouded in myth. Drawing from a collection of over 500 lost silent films made between the 1910s and 20s that were unearthed from a sub-arctic swimming pool deep in the Yukon Territory, Bill Morrison (Decasia) has created a singular movie experience. With a mesmerizing score from Sigur Ros collaborator Alex Somers, and delightful cameos from the likes of Calamity Jane, movie magnate Sid Grauman and the poet Robert Service, the film is a captivating time capsule and one of the most critically acclaimed docs of the year.
World  Premiere: Venice Film Festival 2016

For Tickets, Times and further Info: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

co-presented by  Toronto Silent Film Festival


Thank you to the 2017 volunteers!
You're the best, and we couldn't do the festival without you.
Thank you to Susan, Alex, Joanna, Mike, Lucy, Susan, David, Elizabeth, Sean, Fernanda, and Charles.

Photo collage: Maureen Nolan

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