TSFF 2018

Experience "LIVE" Cinema
"Where Images and Music do the talking"
Experience "LIVE" Cinema
"Where Images and Music do the talking"
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Festival Support

Coming Soon.

We’re gearing up for our 10th anniversary next spring April 5-8
See you in October at the beautiful, historic Fox Theatre www.foxtheatre.ca

Vintage Film Festival in Port Hope
October 12, 13 , 14 2018
Info and  Tickets; www.vintagefilmfestival.ca

Toronto Silent Film Festival hosts Silent Films at The Fox Theatre
$15 General Admission $13 Members, Seniors, Students
advance tickets available from; FOXTHEATRE.CA
                Saturday November 24  4:30pm
                      THE LOST WORLD 1925
From King Kong to Jurassic Park, this film has influenced them all. Willis O’Brien pits his pioneering stop motion man-eating dinosaurs against intrepid explorers in a thrilling adventure tale penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Restored to full dino-glory!

Live Accompaniment by Fern Lindzon

                      Co-presented by The Bootmakers of Toronto

                   Saturday January 26  4:30pm

It’s Buster Keaton laugh therapy time! Young Buster barrels right into an old fashioned Kentucky feud when he falls in love while seeking his inheritance. Keaton’s signature physical comedy stunts climaxes in an ending you don’t want to miss.
Live Accompaniment by Jordan Klapman

                 Saturday April 27  4:30pm
A visually enchanting urban love story centered on two lonely people who meet, fall in love and lose each other over the course of a day spent at Coney Island.  Will they find each other again? Fully restored with bursts of vibrant colour, this must see masterpiece will utilize the original soundtrack in order to preserve the short dialogue scenes involved.


Thank you to everyone who attended this year's festival.
We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone each year.
We would also like to thank all our outstanding volunteers, whithout whom we couldn't do this, the venues and their staff, and those businesses that help support the festival.

Friends of the Festival
S. Tepperman
Alan J Nuttall
Christina Stewart
Nathan Moles
Toronto Film Society  
Vintage Film Festival
Our Fundraising Partner
The Fox Theatre

Last Year the Festival supported the following organizations with their fundraising efforts:
TIFF Spring Fling
Wychwood Barns Open Door
Canada’s First Post Office
Vintage Film Festival
 Andrew Downing Student Group Live Cinema Event

This year we are supporting:
The Randolph Academy
The Gatsby Garden Party at Spadina Museum
Vintage Film Festival
Canada’s First Post Office
Wychwood Barns Open Door
More to come!

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